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24 November 2009

Quick Update - our last day in Santa Cruz

Wild Tigris - view down the mast Sorry for the lack of updates - not too much to say other than "yup, still in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, prepping for the crossing." (Though we have made a couple of cool day trips - details in a post-dated post from this weekend.) We're in the midst of the last-day-in-port runaround at the moment, on schedule to depart for the crossing on Wednesday. Everyone's getting pretty excited, and we're up to our full crossing crew of seven. Wild Tigris - main halyard The weather is looking good - while we've still got 'Net access, we're using Passage Weather ( for forecasts and graphical weather maps. Once underway, we'll be downloading the weather in nice compact GRIB-formatted files from ( Look for an update tomorrow, underway, at least; and photos and stuff tonight if we can. - Anne, for WT