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19 November 2009

At dock in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

We are snugged in at dock in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. After a boat-wide scrub down, inside and out (who would have imagined how much salt could get everywhere in just four days?)

Now we're in midst of the usual in-port scramble, making shopping lists, taking inventory, fixing what needs fixing, doing laundry... The deck looks a bit like an explosion in a chandlery, but we did get the awning up over the cockpit and had lunch out in the breeze in the shade - very civilized. Since most things close over the weekend, we figure we'll have time to play tourist a bit Saturday or Sunday.

One new adjustment here on Tenerife - after all that time in the Med, with its tiny tidal swings, we're suddenly having to deal with a 2-meter tide change (and, being a largish boat, we're docked against the edge of the quay, not on a floating dock) so getting on and off the boat is a bit of a trick at times. Anne had fun making a rope ladder last night out of an old halyard, which helps a bit, anyway.

Picture uploads and such over the next few days as there's time.

19 Nov 2009
28 27.952 N
16 14.704 W

- Anne, for WT