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16 November 2009

Dodging Morroccan fishing nets and (finally) sailing!

Wild Tigris - Gib to Canaries

After a peaceful - if busy - night dodging around the nets of Morrocan fishing boats, we turned the engine off this morning and finally sailed for a while. Seas are choppy on top of some long, slow swells, and we're back on motor sailing, on course directly for the Canaries. (Not quite halfway, that should happen this evening.)

We've had a couple of good-sized pods of dolphins come by and play with the boat, something no one seems to tire of. It's quite a sight - as soon as the dolphins realize we're nearby, they all head straight for the boat, and start surfing in the bow wave. Everyone believes - whether it's true or not - that the dolphins like it when you wave and whoop and holler at them, and we've obliged them with big smiles all the while.

More seabird species have appeared, graceful things soaring with their wingtips just off the swells, swooping and diving in the troughs, hunting for fish.

Speaking of hunting for fish, we've got a line all set up off the stern (thanks, Jeff!) and are hoping for some fresh fish along the way, too.

UTC 1200 16 nov 09
32 52.4 N
009 58.7 W

- Anne, for WT