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11 January 2010

Bad Larry

Todays blog was supposed to be about the possible rising to power of "Bad Larry". Bad Larry is the nickname we've given to the biggest meanest fishing lure in the box and Bill and Dave are convinced it hasn't had its fair chance to shine. Unfortunatley, wind and sea have joined forces to thwart any advances of Bad Larry towards 'top lure'. Late last night and through out the day the wind has picked up to 25+ and the waves are at 10'-12'! Since we've come within 300 miles of Panama the freighter traffic has grown significantly and with the recent increase in seas it's making for exciting night watches. Due to our constant Westward track the sun sets later and later each day. In stark contrast to that fact Casey's call for Sunsetters (evening cocktails) have come progressively earlier each day! Last night they were served well over an hour before sunset. The journey is in its last stages and everyone agrees it's been great, although Morgan and Bill wish they could've been yelling at each other in a bar yesterday over the Patriots vs. Ravens playoff match up. The patrons of WT still don't know the results.

Jan 11,2010 18:00 UTC? Local time 14:00 or 13:00 we have not changed time yet.

11 02.780 N

76 01.124 W