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13 January 2010

San Blas Islands We are here!

Palm Trees, Coconuts, and Great friends.

Crossed the finish line at 9 deg 40'.00 at 1150 local time this morning. After a quick Piton (leftover St Lucian beer) to celebrate, we had a yummy lunch of sweet chili tofu before getting the sails down and motoring to East Holendise where we dropped the hook at 1600.

Other things played with: Dolphins appeared at the bow as we approached the San Blas, mothers and babies jumped and played in the bow wave and we could almost touch them with our feet at the pulpit.

We dropped the pole in the morning and ran with the jib and mizzen, the inds were a bit lighter but we were able to keep 6.5 to 8.5 on the knot meter. We hope to finish in the top half for the first leg even with a shorter rig... most are sure we did... probably get results by Friday...

Hi Sally, love Joey.

Anne this one's for you... Our highest fish count was 12, the new morning watch chore is count 'em and fling 'em. The Biggest Fish Story is Dave and Heidi were on watch, Dave was sitting on the table in the cockpit.. all of a sudden there was a flutter sound, fish smell, and Dave dove for cover " What was that?"... too late, he had been hit!

After we got anchored, the tender was launched and Morgan, Sean, Sofia, and Heidi went to find Big Surf for Morgan. The first spot was a no go. But the second was a fun stomach-high left, as reported by Morgan. He caught several waves and a bunch of radical turns, and so did the tender....

That's all for today.

Jan 13,2010 00:00 UTC 19:00 local Time

09 34.832 N

78 40.564 W