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15 January 2010

San Blas Airport?

Today we lifted anchor from the Holandase Cays for the big Island of Porvenir, somehow there is an airport here in between the coconut trees. There is a customs office and two competing places to buy Molas and beaded bracelets. The runway is incredibly sketchy, so Morgan has decided to take a boat to the main land, and the next flight available was in two days, maybe....

One side line, there are fifteen Somalians with no passports, trying to immigrate to Panama with no success..... they are getting deported. Casey is currently watching their evening prayers.

Tonight we are stepping off the boat to try out some local cooking, they killed a couple of chickens for us and some octopussies. Very exciting!

Tomorrow is looking like a relatively early start; head for Dog Island for lunch and a wreck snorkeling session, then probably onwards to the Chichamay cays. The possibilities of finding a 'screen-saver' anchorage in the San Blas are endless.

The tender has made three round trips between anchor and our current island. It seems to be in a slightly better mood than yesterday, however you never know with this crumbling donut.

Jan 14, 2010 Local time 19:00

09 33.401 N

78 56.953 W