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15 January 2010

Waisaladup and Niatupu Islands

Today we have had a early start 6 Am. Morgan's boat ride to the main land was scheudeled for 7:00 some of us got up to see the one and only plane scheudued for 6:30, at 7 still no plane, but the excitement was the boat full of Somalians leaving, then achoring in the path of the expected plane... we also found ourselves in the path too!... so we need to pull the anchor and move... with the anchor up the decision had to be made... to re-anchor or keep moving, the girls decided to keep moving...

On our way to the next screen saver anchorage, we saw a fisherman and his son in their dugout canoe, waving fish at us... we changed course immediately to buy some tuna for lunch. our fishing has not been as successful as we might hope but for today we will have grilled tuna for lunch!

We were informed our transit through the Panama Canal has changed until the 23rd. We're still heading for Shelter Bay Marina on the 17th and will arrive on Monday the 18th. The ARC has given us a website to a Web Cam of the locks, so you might be able to watch us go throught the locks in real time...

Canal Authority Web Cam Pages:

Next thing to do is clean up the galley and snorkel on the wreck a few hundred ft. away... Casey needs some cardio!

Jan 15, 2010 10:00 local time

09 33.536 N

78 52.455 W