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20 March 2010

20 Miles to Half way!

Having been spoiled with near perfect conditions for the past five days, we can't really complain too much about the breeze dropping off a little.

After a tasty dinner of breaded ham, mashed potatoes and brocoli, we are heading slightly south of our course doing 7kts in 12-14kts of true wind.

The pole was prep'd this evening and if these conditions remain tomorrow morning, we will drop the mizzen, bear away 15 degrees and pole out our head-sail. Hopefully this will see us back on track and most probably be our sail configuration until near the finish (1498Nm away).

It seems a little warmer tonight and a new crescent moon is waxing in the West. It sets early leaving the rest of the night to the magnificent Pacific stars. As I write, we have less than 20Nm to our halfway mark and there's talk of marking the occasion with a small glass of wine...


7 deg 5 min S
113 deg 42 min W
2035 LT (UTC-7)