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15 March 2010

Day 4 Of Trip To Marquesas from Galapagos

Winds have picked up over night blowing steady from 13 to 18 knots. The grey overcast sky today makes for ideal sailing. Showers have come and gone.

Woke up to a half of dozen squid and a flying fish on deck. At the 5 AM watch change (still black) Sean thought he had slipped on a banana peel only to discover a squid under foot which came thru a window in the galley overnight.

This has been a great learning experience on boat preparation for a three thousand mile journey as well as safety and navigation planning to go the distance. I tend to hand steer one to two hours per shift and rely on auto pilot for the balance.

By day we tend to go our own way but sync up at lunch and dinner. Taught the crew the card game 3 - 13 last evening prior to dinner.

Boat handles unbelievably. To date, today has the roughest seas with swells to 3 meters.

Two Yellow Fin Tuna to date. Will try again tomorrow morning.

Beside Sean being a great Captain/Instructor he cooks. This might wear off on me and Debra could reap a big benefit. For the record, he wears the apron, not me. Sofia made a great banana bread for lunch accompanying a good salad.

04 53.132 S 99 25.425 W

1700 Wild Tigris time