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16 March 2010

South East Trade Winds!

The winds have finally settled in from 15 to 23 kts. Sailing on a reach with genoa, main, and mizzen, flying at 9 to 12 kts. Speed recorded in the log for the last three entries (6 hours) has been over 10.2 kts.

Sofia and Joel spotted a school of small whales. A lot of small and medium sea birds,and lots of Pacific flying fish. Squid count this morning was 3 on the deck and none inside the boat.

- HK

Preparing for The Big day tomorrow, beers in the fridge, green clothes to wear laying out waiting on our bunks and Sean runs around like a child before Christmas, it's St Patrick's Day tomorrow!!!!


Grattis pa fodelsedagen pappa! Massor av pussar och kramar/Fia

Gotta run to put a reef in the main and gib before dark falls!


004 55.8 S 103 28.0 W

6:00 PM Wild Tigris Time