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13 March 2010

Rain rain rain... and then...

This morning was spent in a big rain cloud! The wind was swinging around, picking up, dying with the next cloud and then swinging round again... The engine went on... and off... on and off...

The four of us sat down for lunch feeling a bit sorry for ourselves, and then... the wind steadied and picked up, its now blowing 15-17 knots SSE and we are sailing south west! Got all the sails up, Gib, Main and Mizzen, the boat is performing great!

A very excited Joel at the helm (he lets it go sometimes if you feed him) right now he is sailing along at 10 knots and is making bets about hitting 11. Sean has finally gone for a nap since being up all night and day worrying about fuel. Heidi is practicing her singing with her Ipod and headphones (she thinks that nobody can hear her!!) and Sofia is preparing spagball for dinner.

So life is more or less like normal on the Wild Tigris!


02 50 03 s
93 06 51 w
16.16 wild tigris time