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24 March 2010

Marquesas look out!

With only 780 miles left to go we have started dreaming about what to do when we get there:
  • Joel is dreaming about his car and wife at home, counting the miles and hours.
  • Sean is worrying about his constant shrinking beer supply.
  • Heidi is dreaming about ice cream and a rumdum.
  • Me, I'm dying for a cuba libre and a cigarette!

Sending some love out to all the family members out there, today especially to Kevvilevvan! Sofia's nephew who turns 1 year old today! Grattis pa fodelsedagen!

Sean, not only the captain but today also the chef, is putting on a dinner with the sunset in the background that I was planning to attend to, so have to go!

may the force be with you


1800 Wild Tigris time 08 53.69 s 125 21.26 w