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12 March 2010

Are we nearly there yet?

At 0730 this morning local time, a slightly tired yet very excited Wild Tigris crew consisting of Heidi, Sofia, Joel D'Arcy and Sean raised anchor and motored out onto a glassy Pacific Ocean.

It is our first major trip without our fearless leader Casey; his easy-going, kind nature and great humour are already missed. We wish him well in New Hamster and in memory of his absence, had an America's Cup style mainsail hoist at 0800. 1min 48secs full hoist and set!

We are currently motor-sailing SW at 8kts and will pass between Galapagos' largest island Isabella and Isla Santa Maria to the S. Our game plan is to keep making Southing until we get enough of the SE trade winds to sail (probably early tomorrow morning) then hopefully come up closer to our course of 258deg.

With less than 2933Nm to go, bring on the Maraquesas!


p.s. we are aware of the bad luck associated with setting sail on a friday. At a last minute crew meeting, it was decided unanimously, that we wouldn't actually be sailing properly until saturday....keep your fingers crossed and watch this space!