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01 March 2010

the dive today

Our dive today took place at Leon Dormido (the Sleeping Lion).

A volcanic eruption from thousands of years ago, created this awesome monolithic rock pyramid jutting out of the water some 300 hundred feet straight into the air.

We descended the wall of the pyramid to a depth of 70 feet. The sea became a deep cobalt blue, where we were swimming with so many thousands of fish that we could not see to the surface, giving us the impression of being in the movie "The Deep Blue"! In the midst of the myriad riot of fish, we see giant sea turtles cruising by, so elegant, friendly, and curious! A giant sea lion goes on the attack, temporarily scattering the fish, but, coming up empty handed. Four white tipped shark swim by. Three more turtles. Then three Hammerhead sharks in formation. A truly awe inspiring sight. We have been transported by our dive, to another world. The surreal world we find ourselves in, is called the Galapagos.