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22 March 2010

where the hell are we!!???

Waking up in the morning from the smell of breakfast being cooked is the stuff dreams are made of! We have found a secret talent in Joel! Having someone with professional breakfast chef experience onboard turned out to be a pretty good call!

Another one of Joel's bonuses is his enthusiasm for fishing, or so I thought! Although we banned him from even touching the rod, he sneakily put it in and got a bite! Luckily the fish got away...!

Normally I'm one of the first ones to get the rod out and anxious to get a fish for lunch, but since we pulled the last monster onboard we have literally had nothing other than fish on the menu and there is still plenty in the freezer! Only problem is we're running pretty low on fish recipes. We've already tried everything from fish cakes to curries! Turned out to be a bit of a challenge..."What will the next fish dish be?"

Talking about fishing - today we broke the record for number of fish onboard, not only due to all the keen fishermen but also the flying fish being particularly suicidal last night, with 23 dead little fish on deck this morning.

Still sailing along at good speed with the J80 spinnaker flying high.  Apparent wind had been between 90-100deg for the first week but has dropped back noticeably over the last two days. We're currently running deep at 150+ degrees.

one love


1800 WT time
08 15 37 s
119 15 50 w