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23 January 2011

1458Nm to go and sailing at last

560lts of diesel later and too many hours of listening to the motor drone, we finally got sails out at 1115 this morning. The breeze built all day and we’re currently rolling along at about 8kts with twin head-sails poled out. Our latest forecast predicts good breeze all day Sunday but a decrease from Monday onwards. This leaves us between the proverbial rock and a hard place; do we sail very slowly in light winds and burn more fuel using the generator, or use the fuel plus some on the main engine and hopefully catch more breeze further down the track? One way or another, we have to get sailing miles as our theoretical fuel range of 1200Nm will not allow us to reach Salvador.

In other news, crew settling into routine again, caught and released another tiny Dorado, Thai green chicken curry for dinner and only 6 more Star Trek movies to go….

Best regards to all,


15 48’ S

13 34’ W

0600UT 23rd Jan