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23 January 2011

S. Atlantic Brownie Whales

All’s well aboard after a good day with 12-16kt steady ESE breeze allowing us to average between 7.5 - 8kts. We’re quietly confident that the wind will hold until at least tomorrow evening, but still very eager to download tomorrows forecast!

Hunger is definitely not an issue; after a delicious salad for lunch, it wasn’t long before the whole boat (and probably a few square miles of the S. Atlantic) was being tormented by the smell of Sofia’s special double chocolate brownie’s…however, appetites were still ready for the honey roast, smoked-salmon with pesto tallitelle and sautéed vegetables for dinner at seven!

Tired of catching small Dorado, I’ve changed lure to what I hope will bring in some Tuna Sashimi material…we live in hope.


15 41’ S

015 20’ W