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14 January 2011

South Atlantic Sailing

Poles sailing for the past few days with a small twist using the mizzen.  Boat is averaging just under 10 knots for a few days now.  Wind continues to be 15 to 25 knots with some holes down in the 10-12 range. The watch system is 3 hours on and twelve hours off at night and 2 hours on during the day.  Only five hours of watch per person, very restful!!!  Last night with a small shift we changed course two degrees and that was the only change for my 3 hours!!!

            Not much wild life on the ocean.  Fishing line out all day yesterday without a nibble.  Few birds flying by occasionally.  One or two flying fish on the ocean surface. Least amount of ocean life on the whole trip here in the South Atlantic.  One ship 1093 by 200 feet was on the horizon day before yesterday. We just keep sailing along!!

            We will sail through the longitude of Palma today.  We have sailed through all 360 degrees on the longitude. A celebration is planned, bottle of champagne, etc.     



24 48’ S

002 39’ E

13/Jan 1700UT