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10 January 2011

A true circumcision?

After spending most of my early morning watch engineering the Tahitian made bow-sprit into position, then rigging the asymmetric spinni with Stuart, a big grey cloud rolling in from behind spoiled the fun. Alas the cobwebs will have to wait for another day…

With the breeze backing from SW yesterday to SSE today, we opted for a poled out port gib, one reef in the main and the mizzen. This sail plan is powering us along at about nine knots in 16kts of wind; bang on course. It’s hard to complain….

A large steak dinner and a sneaky glass of red left most of the crew fighting food coma’s…so much so that there has even been some watch swapping!

The mood aboard is good with 220mile days and 570Nm until we cross Palma’s longitude. Will this be recognized as a circumnavigation? We’re not sure but we’ve marked the spot on our track with a martini glass waypoint and fully intend to celebrate!

Until next time,


29 48’ S

010 38 E