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15 January 2011

Cape Town-->St. Helena, 15/01/2011

Life aboard Wild Tigris is demanding.  Each of our 5 person complement stands one three hour night watch, and one two hour day watch.  As the “newbie” on board, I’m in the cockpit by 0830 for my 0900 to 1100 morning watch.  Very civilized.  This morning the breeze was very light, with speed over the ground hovering between 2.5 knots and 4.5 knots.  Seas were down to one meter.  Lots of rock ‘n roll.  Capt. Sean cranked up the engine 2x, but before our iron Genny could heat up, the breeze would reluctantly fill in, maybe 8 – 10 knots.  So, most of the day we’ve been making good 6-8 knots.  We have been sailing with two 110% high clewed jibs poled out port and starboard – seems just a couple degrees course correction either side is the only trimming ever required!  We landed (3) juvenile Dorado today (8-10 lbs?), and gave them all a second chance.  Passed one commercial ship headed south-bound.  Seemed to be some sort of drilling vessel, with (3) massive rig legs mid-ships.  Also, we’ve had a red & white spinnaker 3-4 miles off our transom for most of the day.  We’ve got cameras at the ready, but they’ve been bashful all day.  A Lady we think, playing shy, contrary to her usual aggressive behavior.  It’s now 2015.  We’ve quaffed our sundowners, had dinner, cleaned up, and await the green flash.  My second watch is 2100 to 2400, which will complete my 5 hours on, 19 hours off.  Life aboard Wild Tigris is very good indeed!!!  Stu & Crew


Our current position: 20 degrees 24 minutes South; 02 degrees 54 minutes west. 1930UT


Weather:  Winds SSE @ +/- 10 knots


Seas: 1-2 meters


Clear blue skies & brilliant sunshine, Temp. @75 degrees farenheit