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26 January 2011

Breaking barriers...effortlessly

Another day has eased past on the good ship Wild Tigris. Effortless doesn’t describe it…Casey pointed out today that we haven’t made an adjustment in sail trim or course in over four days!

Although the breeze has dropped down to 12kts, we continue to roll along directly on course at between 6 and 7kts.

It’s been and continues to be a pivotal day; at 0025 this morning, we dropped under 1,000Nm to go. It’s now 0400 and we have 18Nm to the half way point and in 25Nm, we cross the ‘more diesel than distance to go’ imaginary line that gives us the peace of mind that should the breeze drop out completely (which looks likely in a couple of days time), we can happily motor in to Salvador at 8kts!


This evening, I had less than no luck (if that’s possible) with the fishing lark. Just as we were finishing Sofia’s famous Cottage pie, the reel whirred into life. Seeing the rod bend backwards under the weight of a decent sized fish (at last), I jumped up, ran back and overenthusiastically struck too soon…the line went slack as tomorrow night’s dinner swam away. As it was getting dark, I began bringing in the line and about 30ft from the back of the boat, ‘tomorrow nights dinner’ had another go at the lure….only to let it go and swim away again. I swear these S. Atlantic fish are playing with my head!



15 09’ S

21 55’ W