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29 January 2011

Let's go dancing!

I’m writing this blog with the noise and heat of 190 Mercedes horse power 3 feet away so I’ll be brief.

We managed to sail, albeit slowly, for most of the day yesterday. At 1630LT, the slamming of the sails in an almost windless swell became too much and on came the motor. Since then, we’ve been shooting along at an average speed of just over 8kts, covering about 160Nm in the last 20hrs. At present, this leaves us 410Nm from Salvador and an ETA of midday Monday.

Thanks to some correspondence from Rally Control, we know that there will be a group of Brazilian dancers and five Caprihina’s waiting for us on the dock in Terminal Nautico…

Roll on Salvador!


14 03’ S

31 36’ W