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21 January 2011

On the road again...

At 2030UT last night, Wild Tigris weighed anchor and set a course due west for Salvador. Ray (the plotter) tells us it’s 1910Nm straight shot. Once clearing the impressive wind shadow of St. Helena, we found enough breeze to motor sail and no more. This died as the night went on and the flapping became too much. Making good headway now with just the Iron Gib (engine!), Ray shows 1789Nm to go.


I think I can speak for the whole crew in saying we thoroughly enjoyed ‘the piece of land that’s furthest from any other piece of land’, St. Helena. The rugged, volcanic coast gives way to a lush, tropical interior that is strikingly scenic, peaceful and unspoiled. The people are some of the friendliest and most trustworthy we’ve encountered so far; Hazel the landlady at the hotel who lent us 100pounds on the night of our arrival so we could ‘eat and drink to our hearts content’, and Water-rat our tour guide, who was as informative about his family and friends as he was about the history and culture of the island!


A friend has told me if we can make landfall before the second, we’ll catch the end of Carnival…Roll on Salvador!  



15 55’ S

007 52’ W