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28 January 2011

Star Trekin'

We had a really quiet night with no wind and hardly any sea, so on went the engine after we had been bopping around for a while, doing three knots.

Everybody got a good night sleep with out getting tossed about in the bunk. I woke up at sunrise this morning and there was the breeze again. We have been sailing along doing around 7 knots all day, no record breaking speed but good enough to get us there.

We are all well into our routines by now.

I am in to the baking to everyone’s delight, might have to roll us of the boat though….

A lot of books are getting read, and there is only two more films left of the Start Trek film marathon that Casey and Sean insist on watching.

With only 700 miles left to go we are all planning what to do when we get there, I read something about ‘batidas’…sounds interesting!




14 455 07s

26 33 89w